Is Sound Creating...?
Text and photos: Robert Boerman (unless otherwise stated)

It was in 2005 that I started a new research project about 'Cymatics' or 'Water Sound Images' if you want. One of the reasons for this research project was an article which was written by the English crop circle researcher Freddy Silva: 'Is sound creating crop circles...?' Crop circles have caught my interest in 1997 when I discovered a crop circle close to my house during a short flight above our town. Since then I have studied this mysterious phenomenon for many years and have written two books about crop circles.

Based on the work of the Swiss scientist Hans Jenny (1904 – 1972), Silva asked himself if crop circles could be created by sound. This because the geometric of Cymatics, photographed by Hans Jenny, looks a lot at the geometric of crop circles. See image:

Crop Circle Images: Freddy Silva, Lucy Pringle, Colin Andrews.
Cymatics images from Cymatics: A Study of Wave Phenomena and Vibration
by Hans Jenny. © 2001 Macromedia, and courtesy of Jeff Volk.
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If Silva is right and crop circles are created by sound - and Jenny's research is pointing that direction - than it must be possible to find a way to reproduce other crop circle geometries in water. The first pictures I took showed me that this theory was right (see picture below). This picture was one of my first attempts to see if Silva was right, but the result was not satisfying enough en could be done better I thought...

One Of My First Attempts To Make A 'Water Circle'...
Crop Circle Image With Courtesy Of Steve Alexander

Years followed, a lot of research was done and thousands of photo's were taken of vibrating water. Just to understand how the fluid behaves under certain conditions. I have tested a lot of fluids, powders, sand, salt, etc. which resulted in even more photo's. Some of those photo's were published in my Dutch book 'Water Klank Beelden - de geometrie van geluid' (Water Sound Images - the geometry of sound). A beautiful, full-color book and readers loved it, but so far, no crop circles as Water Sound Image. Hmm, frustrating. Partly due to the lack of time and too many other projects that needed my attention, I did not have time to compare crop circles and Water Sound Images. Till now. Finaly I have some time left to 'lean back' and go through my immense archive of more than 25.000+ photo's of vibrating water. Let's see if there are some of them which look like a crop circle but first this:

Musical Crop Circles?
Central question in this article is if sound indeed can create - in this case - crop circles. By the way: if you want to know more about this subject, please check Freddy Silva's excellent book 'Secrets in the Fields'. To me, one of the best crop circle books. Well, beside my own books of course...:)

Anyway, is it possible to create crop circles with sound? After reading Silva's book and studying Hans Jenny's work, I was curious to see if a single frequency on a small can of water could create the same geometry as found in crop circles? Or do I have to use more frequencies, music maybe?

And with that we arive at the work of late professor Gerald Hawkins (1928-2003), former Chairman of the astronomy department at Boston University. In the 60’s of the last century Hawkins did a thorough analysis of Stonehenge’s geometry. Hawkins also studied the geometry of crop circles. He noticed that the so-called ‘diatonic ratios’ were hidden in some crop circles. In other words: Hawkins found 'music' in crop circles which could indicate that sound indeed is responsible for creating crop circles. And if so, are there sounds measured in crop circles? Yes...

Many geometrical ratios in crop circles turned out to be identical to those of the frequencies of a musical scale. In other words: ratios are found in crop circles that correspond with the keys on a piano keyboard. Or better said: crop circles contain notes, or music. Musical crop circles?

Crop Circle Frequencies
Late British crop circle investigator computer programmer Paul Vigay thoroughly measured several crop circles in the past. Vigay walked through a wheat field with his measuring equipment in order to measure the ‘cosmic’ background radiation. This background radiation is heat radiation that was sent out during the Big Bang. When Vigay entered a crop circle, the values on his meter changed.

In his book ‘Secrets in the Fields’ Freddy Silva describes how Vigay measured a background radiation of about 50 MHz (Megahertz) outside a crop circle, but that the radiation in the crop circle itself measured at 260 MHz, which rose till 320 MHz in the center of the formation. This was in 1997. The following years Vigay measured values that varied from 540 MHz (normal background radiation 150 MHz) up to 650 MHz. In 2000 the crop circles’ complexity increased and so did the values that Vigay measured. In the crop circle near Golden Ball Hill in 2000, Vigay measured a background radiation of 180 MHz, but in the center of the circle itself he measured 650 MHz. Vigay’s highest measured value is 1.5 (Gigahertz). Vigay wasn’t the first nor the only one who has measured frequencies in crop circles. One of the first crop circle investigators Colin Andrews, for example, had previously measured frequencies from 5.0 to 5.2 KHz (Kilohertz). All measured in crop circles.

Besides the measured frequencies, other strange things can happen when one enters an crop circle. GPS can fail, even as GSM and other electronic equipment like digital camera's. Batteries discharge in a second, digital photo are destroyed and some people who enter a crop circle, get a headache. And when they step out of the formation, the headache disapears as I witnessed years ago in a Ducth crop circle. Remember these strange facts because later on we see them back in Stone Circles, but first, Ice Circles. Created by sound...?

Dutch Ice Circles
At februari 5 and 9, 2012, two strange discoveries where made in Schijndel and Arnhem , the Netherlands. In Schijndel a formation in snow was discovered at a private pond. This formation looks if someone used a huge rake to make this beautiful pattern. At the Netherlands Open Air Museum in Arnhem some circles on ice were found. At februari 10, a Dutch radio program paid attention to these amazing circles and DCCA researcher Peter Vanlaerhoven was asked to give some comments at the circles. There was a lot of laughing at the radio and of course nobody could do anything with Peter’s explanation that certain energetic frequencies can cause a crop/ice/snow circles. A lady from the Open Air Museum explained a theory which se had heard recently: the sound of a tractor causes vibrations in the ice with the circles as result. Plausible or nonsence, because in Schijndel no tractor or other machines were in the neighbourhood. So let us have a better look at the ‘tractor-theory’.

As soon I heard about the ‘tractor-theory’, I was thinking about it all day. This because I did a lot of research with a thin metal plate with salt of sand which also causes geometric patterns. The same as we find in crop circles. And when I saw the ice circle of Arnhem and heard about the ‘tractor-theory’, I looked in my photo archive to see if I could find a similar picture as the patterns if the snow- and ice circles in Arnhem and Schijndel. Here they are:

Both patterns on the metal plate look the same as the two circles in Arnhem and Schijndel. Could it be that these circles on ice were created by some kind of sound and if so, don’t we have to adapt a new theory that crop circles are created by sound? This because Mother Earth is making more and more sound like earthquakes and strange sounds in the sky. The earth is moving and making noise, that makes you think. My experiments with cymatics show that a vibration can cause a geometric pattern in water or sand/salt, the same geometry as we find in crop circles. More and more it seems to be sound is creating but are we the first who discovered 'The Power Of Sound'...? No, not at all...

Is Sound Creating...?
That is the central question of this article and as far we can see now, sound could be the creator of crop- and ice circles, but could there be more that is created by sound? And if so, where is that sound coming from? Quantum physics tells us that the world around us exists out of frequencies, vibrations. Antiquity already was beware of this knowledge:

'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God'.
- Holy Bible

Nada Brahma:
- Ancient Sanskrit text

'Nada means sound and Brahma is a Hindu name of God. Therefore Nada Brahma means that the Sound is God, or 'The Sound of God''.

The world around us exists from sound. Even crop circles, ice circles, flowers, everything. And Water Sound Images proves this right: every single frequency has its own image. Change one of the parameters of the set-up, and the image will change immediately. The same with our thoughts. They are also 'made of frequencies'. Change your thoughts and the image (world) around you will change. Not immediately, but it will change. Count on that. All you have to do is to change your frequency, your thoughts. That's it. Piece of cake...:)

The World Around Us...
Living in a world which is 'build-up' from frequencies we saw that sound could be responsible for creating crop- and ice circles, but is there more proof of 'creating sound'? Yes, there is. Water Sound Images shows clearly the similarity between sound and geometry and even the geometric shape of flowers are captured in a vibrating water surface. Let us have a look at two flowers and water images:

Crop circles, flowers, everything around us is made from frequencies. From sound, geometry. Plato told us that the world around us was made out of the geometric shapes, the so called 'Platonic Solids'. A world created by sound and visible as geometric shapes around us, exactly what Water Sound Images shows us: the hidden geometry of sound...

Sonic Geometry

After studying the Platonic Solids, I came across an interesting website: 'Sonic Geometry - the language of frequency and form'. The video on this website shows a lot of geometric shapes and the creator of this video - Eric Rankin - transformed the angles of the geometric shapes into frequencies. An isosceles triangle for example has 3 angles of 60 degrees. 3 x 60 = 180 degrees. Or 180 Hz, or F-sharp (F#). The Tetahedron has 4 isosceles triangles which makes a total of 12 angles of 60 degrees. 12 x 60 = 720 degrees. 720 Hz is also F-sharp (F#) and so on...

Sonic Geometry

Plato told us that the world around us was made of geometry, Platonic Solids. And if we look at this video where shapes and triangles are transformed into frequencies, to me it is clear that the world around us is created by sound. Nada Brahma - The Sound Of God. And with that we arive at the beautiful 'Islamic Geometry', but what do they mean. Is this just 'a piece of art' of people who had nothing better to do than making art? Maybe the same 'art' as found in 'Rosslyn Chappel'...? Just art and nothing more...?

Cymatics similarity to the Rosslyn cubes
'This video presentation is an interesting comparison made between the patterns produced by certain pitches and frequencies in Cymatics and the symbols on the faces of the cubes. Tommy s assigned note of the pitch can be heard in the voices of the choir as it merges with the pitch of the cymatics demonstration. If you listen closely to the pitch of the oscillator (humming the pitch to yourself) you will hear the first note of the choir and its relevant cube, are the same'.


Secrets Of The Code: The Rosslyn Chapel Code - Film Preview

Islamic Geometry
Crop circles, flowers, Water Sound Images, Plato's Solids, Rosslyn Cubes, all pointing to a direction which ancient people already knew: the power of sound. Before hopping over to the South African Stone Circles, we have a look in Fez, Marocco at some beautifull Islamic Patters. All these patters are made of a combination of 4-, 5-, and 6-fold geometry. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. A circle diveded into 4, 5 of 6 parts and with that you have all you need to draw Islamic Geometric patters...

Islamic Geometric Patterns = Frequencies...?

South African Stone Circles
Antiquity was already beware of the knowledge of sound, only how do we prove this? South African based scientist, author and explorer Michael Tellinger discovered some strange sone ruins in South Africa. Most scientist think that these ancient stone ruins are just 'cattle kraal of little historic importanc'. Well, according to Tellingers (and ohters!), they are wrong. Completely wrong. Research shows cleary that these stone ruins are old, very old. Think of 200.000 years and old and even more...

Tellinger thinks these ancient stone ruins shows the frequencie of the earth at that specific place. The same as salt on a vibrating metal plate. Those ancient people knew about the power of sound and what one can do with sound. Tellinger thinks these stone ruins are a gigantic, ancient power plant, build by the Anunnaki Gods. The used stones are extremely hard hornfels stones and are made of 50% silica, iron and a bit manganese. Tellinger thinks that these stones enhance the energy at the specific spot, and guess what: the stone are also called 'ringstones'. This because the ring like a bell when touched. Musical Stone Circles...? And still working...? Or at least partly? Must be because research showed that GPS will lose signal when entering a stone circle. The same as in crop circles. When Tellinger visit me some weeks ago, he told me about the hight frequencies which are measured inside the stone ruins. And again: the same as in crop circles. And leylines. Much of them. Also, the same as in....? Right: crop circles...:)

Image With Courtesy Of Maurits van Enthoven

Image With Courtesy Of Michael Tellinger
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Stone Circle Frequencies
Underneith an example of some measurements Tellinger did in the South African Stone Circles. Very high frequencies, up to 376 Ghz. What is going on there? Besides the high frequencies, temperature rises when entering a stone circle. Again, what is going on there...? Are these circles still working and if so, for what purpose? And the measured frequencies, leylines, (sacred) geometry and other anomalies which occurs in stone circles? Almost identical as in crop circles...

Image With Courtesy Of Michael Tellinger
Click on photo for more information about the African Stone Circles

It's All The Same
And it is: everything around us is made out of the same weird stuff: sound, frequencies. And our voices are also sound. From 20 to 20.000 Hz we can hear, below of above that we can not hear anything. But that does not mean that there is no sound when we hear nothing... Same as the high frequencies measured in stone- and crop circles: 'they' are there, measured but we can not hear them. And we learned that if we can not hear sound, it is does not exists... Yeah, right...:)

I started this article with 'Is Sound Creating...?' and so far, I guess there is an amount of evidence that indeed sound is creating everything around us. Nada Brahma. The Voice Of God. An 'Uni-Verse' (One Song) created by sound, by God. Or Jehovah, Allah, whatever. It is all the same. And crop circles are created by sound. Silva was right...:)

Crop Circle Image With Courtesy Of Lucy pringle
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To be continued...

Robert of the family Boerman - 04-04-2014
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Sacred Geometry In Water Sound Image

Sacred Geometry In Water Sound Image

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