In 2005 I started my research project about cymatics. One of the reasons for this reseach project was an article which was written by the English crop circle researcher Freddy Silva: 'Is sound creating crop circles?' Crop circles have caught my interest in 1997 when I discovered a crop circle close to my house during a short flight above our town. Since then I have studied this phenomenon and other related stuff like free energy and alternative health (and much more...).

Based on the work of the Swiss scientist Hans Jenny (1904 1972), Silva asked himself if crop circle scould be created by sound. This because the geometric of water sound images looks a lot at the geometric of crop circles.

If Silva is right and crop circles are formed by sound - and Jenny's research is pointing that direction - than it must be possible to find a way to reproduce other crop circle geometries in water. The first pictures I took after I started my reseach project showed me that this theory was right (see picture below).

At last my research project ended with some interesting questions like 'What is sound and what can you do with it?' We can hear (and sometimes) feel sound, we can show sound as a Water Sound Image, but what can we do more with sound? Can we use sound to levitate heavy stones or cure people by using sound? Or create crop circles with sound? All those questions I tried to answer in my Dutch book 'Water Klank Beelden - de geometrie van geluid' ('Water Sound Images - the geometry of sound') which was published by Ankh-Hermes.

Robert of the family Boerman
Freeman on the Land / Visionairy / Author / Researcher / Photographer / Artist / Inventor
The Netherlands

Water Klank Beelden - de geometrie van geluid
(water Sound Images - the geometry of sound)
NUR 720
Pages: 96
Full colour
23 x 23 cm
ISBN 978 90 202 0214 4
Published by: Ankh-Hermes / april 2008

Crop Circles. Gods and their Secrets.
Pages: 159
15 x 21 cm
15,90 / 14.90 USD / 10.90 GBP
ISBN: 9781931882255
Published by: Frontier Publishing / may 2002

Graancirkels, Goden en hun Geheimen
Pages: 205
15 x 21 cm
15,90 / 14.90 USD / 10.90 GBP
ISBN 90-806700-1-4
Published by: Frontier Publishing / may 2001